Please note I do not do Pregnancy or Geriatric Massage.

All clients must provide two sheets and a pillowcase for each session (unless couples wish to share linens).  I bring the table, lotion, aromatherapy and music.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent present in the room at all times.

Illness is a contraindication for bodywork. If you are very ill (flu like symptoms) massage will make your condition much worse, as well as put me and other clients at risk. I do not massage you unless I am 100% healthy and expect the same from my clients.

Please call if you realize you may be late and I will do the same. I will make every effort to provide as much time as possible for you. 

To maintain an atmosphere of professional integrity, you will always be appropriately covered (or draped) with a sheet or towel. Draping is for your comfort, respect and security.

Please inform me if there is any change in the status of your health (physical, mental, or emotional),  so that I can plan for your session accordingly.

Payment is required at or before the time of the session.

Thank you for your cooperation!