"Lisa is an excellent massage therapist.  I had her come to my home and work on a shoulder injury that I had been dealing with for a number of months. Needless to say, she helped me heal. Her sensitivity and knowledge is a virtue." - Alyse N., New York, NY

"Lisa is the best therapist I have ever experienced. A true professional." - Jenny R., New York, NY

"I can't express how Lisa helped me. I have been going for massage work for over 20 years and her touch is pretty special.  I was having issues with my jaw and the pain was excruciating and to the point where I could NOT close my mouth. I couldn't eat with out shots of pain circulating through my jaw muscles. She was able to massage the kinks out of not only my neck and back pain, which I have often, but also my jaw. I came off the table and had immediate relief and was able to connect my teeth together. I was amazed." - Verushka W., Brooklyn, NY

"Lisa has an extraordinary knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Her ability to find and relieve stress and muscular pain is a gift. She has complete focus on her client's well being. Let's just say her five star rating is well deserved." - Sarah P. New York, NY

"Lisa knows what I like regarding the pressure and volume of music. She asks me every time if there's an area that needs more attention. She has me so spoiled! I can't wait to see her each month. She has magic hands and a great approach to communication." - Lara W., Nyack, NY

"Lisa is an unbelievably talented massage therapist who is knowledgeable about the human body as well as sharply intuitive. She listens carefully to me and is able to target the areas that are most important.  She has helped me resolve injuries as well as helped me to reduce my tension. Her energy is lovely, she embodies patience, kindness and sensitivity. I really cannot recommend her enough!" - Dee Y., Mamaroneck, NY

"Lisa understands all aspects of my needs. She is bright, articulate, skilled, and sensitive to my therapy and well being. " - Sammy W., Flushing , NY

"Lisa is outstanding!! She communicates and listens well, as well as giving an excellent massage! I'm so lucky I met her!" - Jennifer B., Nanuet, NY.

"I changed therapists last year and Lisa has been a God send." - Gretchen K., New York, NY